Paul McCartney Revamps 1976 Demo For New Track

One of the new Paul McCartney songs featured on his latest reissue of Egypt Station has actually been around for decades. The track, called "Frank Sinatra's Party," references Sammy Davis, Jr., Peter Lawford, Angie... Read More.

Happy Birthday, Pete Townshend!!!

Happy Birthday to Pete Townshend, who turns 74 on Sunday (May 19th)!!! Townshend, who is the primary creative force behind the Who, wrote nearly all of the band's music and has been responsible for... Read More.

Roger Daltrey Explains MSG Tirade To Tokers

Roger Daltrey took time out to explain his outburst at pot smoking fans at the Who's May 13th concert at New York's Madison Square Garden. During the show, Daltrey railed against the dopers, saying,... Read More.