Pat Benatar and husband / guitarist Neil Giraldo are currently on the road for the couple's 40th anniversary tour. The pair plays tonight (August 21st) at Staten Island, New York's St. George Theatre and wraps their year up on October 19th at L.A.'s Saban Theatre.

Pat Benatar told us that she keeps her connection to both her fans and her music by staying on the road: “We play live all the time just to stay involved. Because, y'know, for people of our age group and genre and things like that, making records — I mean, it's kind of ridiculous. I mean, it's just. . . y'know, you're not gonna get played on the radio. It's not gonna happen, but there's so many other ways to get music out there now, it's good. But, it's (playing for) people from our era is really the way to still stay in contact with the fans and everything, so that's why we do it all the time.”

Although some people are confused by Pat Benatar and husband Neil Giraldo billing themselves as a double act on the road — Benatar told us that's really how it's been since day one: “People still don’t realize that it was just the record company’s marketing that made it seem like it was a solo thing. The truth is; he and I put that band together, started that whole thing together and, y’know, we — the two of us together — were instrumental in making the sound and what happened, and what happened to my vocal and what happened to his guitar playing. Every thing was completely a duo right from the start. It’s just that, y’know, they felt it was better to market it as a female.”