This guy really doesn't age!!! Only a month after undergoing heart valve replacement surgery, Mick Jagger is back on the boards and posted a video to his social media platforms showing him doing his legendary dance workout to the Wombats' “Techno Fan.”

The 75-year-old frontman's procedure delayed the Rolling Stones' spring dates. Insider reports said the band had hoped to be able to re-book the concerts for this summer, but according to an inside source — that's proving to be easier said than done.

Whether it comes to the material on the Stones' albums, the band's touring logistics, or the nuts and bolts of their finances, Mick Jagger has long been known as one of rock's most intense perfectionists. He was asked whether or not he sees himself as a perfectionist, too: “I may be. I am in some things, but I mean, also know that there's only so far you can go in this kind of endeavor. I like a deadline, 'cause then after the deadline, y'know, you're done. 'Cause you can mess with this. And some people in all kinds of artistic endeavors — writing books, or making movies, or records — people love the process of it, so someone says at some point, “Mmm, I think you're done now, I think you've finished, What you've got is good enough.”