Pete Townshend isn't the only Townshend contributing material to the Who's still-untitled 2019 studio album. In an exclusive interview with us, Roger Daltrey revealed that longtime solo and Who touring guitarist Simon Townshend has submitted a song, which the band has already tracked.

Daltrey, who was out on the road with Simon this summer touring behind an orchestral version of the Who's Tommy, has been working with the youngest Townshend brother exclusively over the past 25 years, and was more than happy to have Simon — who's 15-year-younger than Pete — contribute to the new album sessions: “And there I've got a Simon Townshend song, which I'm glad to have done. Because Simon is a great musician and I've been with him since 1994 — a long, long time. And he writes great songs, Simon. But this one, it's just something lighthearted on the album, but it's got a lot of tenderness in it and I like it. That's been nice doing that. I enjoyed doing that.”

Simon Townshend was a passionate Who fan growing up — having been lucky enough to see the Who an incredible 36 times with Keith Moon on drums. He told us that a new Who single was always an incredible thrill for him as a kid: “I'd be at school, listening to the radio and I didn't even know the Who had a record out. I'd be listening to the radio in. . . we have these guys that look after the school playground, called 'janitors,' and I'd be in there 'cause I used to hang out with them and listen to the radio and if a track would come on, and I liked it, I'd hope it was the Who. I'd hope it was them. And that happened with 'Join Together' and it happened with 'Pinball Wizard.' But with 'Pinball Wizard,' I think I knew it was them. 'Join Together,' I couldn't work it out whether it was, or not.”