Ryan Reynolds canceled surgery on his arm to promote Deadpool 2 in China and hold meet-and-greets with fans in Beijing. The news came shortly after the franchise’s unexpected bow in China. 

Last week, Fox announced that a re-cut toned-down PG-13 version of Deadpool 2 would be released in China starting Friday, considered a coup for the gory franchise considering China’s strict censorship standards. 

The visit from Reynolds, who is Canadian, comes as China and Canada grapple with diplomatic challenges; in December, Huawei Technologies CFO Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Vancouver, and then China detained two Canadians, a move many observers saw as retaliatory. 

Reynolds said he was in “heaven” after arriving in China. “It’s been a dream of mine for years to bring Deadpool to China and Chinese audiences, so for me this is, uh, heaven on earth,” he said. 

Regarding the scheduled surgery he skipped, he said: “This was more important. I was not going to miss coming to China.”

He also told fans that he was already at work on Deadpool 3.