As disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein’s criminal trial looms, his lawyer is attempting to jump ship, according to reports.

Benjamin Brafman is planning to appeal to New York Supreme Court Justice Jame Burke to rubberstamp his exit, Deadline reports. This comes less than two months before a scheduled hearing on Weinstein’s rape case, and less than four months before the trial.

Reps for Weinstein have not confirmed the story either way, but Deadline reports that unnamed sources say Weinstein was furious with Brafman because he was unable to get the whole case tossed last year at a December 20th hearing.

Brafman’s pink slip (if it is actually issued) will follow a long tradition of celebrity-lawyer fall-outs. Bill Cosby fired more than a dozen lawyers when he didn’t get the results he wanted during his criminal trial, which famously ended with his current stint in jail.