The Emmy Award-winning Claire Foy is recaling her feelings of rage on a recent trip to Washington, D.C., in an in-depth interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Foy says she spotted a dissenter near Capitol Hill carrying a sign that read “#MeToo Fraud” during the protests against now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing.

“I just want to rip it up,” she told The Hollywood Reporter.

“How dare you write #MeTooFraud on a placard?” Foy, 34 said. “It just breaks my heart, how other human beings just care so little about people. That person must not have any idea of what those women have been through. I have a real problem with people not understanding the effect that they have on other people.”

“That makes me want to violently hurt him, which is obviously bad,” she added. “I can’t. Because he’s a lot stronger than I am … It would completely undermine my position.”

Foy acknowledged that she has become an unwitting poster child for the #MeToo movement and the gender wage gap controversy because of the pay discrepancy between herself and co-star Matt Smith on Netflix's The Crown.

Foy can be seen in the Neil Armstrong biopic First Man, out now. She plays Janet Armstrong, wife of Armstrong (Ryan Gosling).

Source: Pulse of Radio