Julia Roberts and Oprah Winfrey have both been the subject of rampant—often unkind— media speculation for decades. So when Roberts sat down with Winfrey for a cover story in Harper’s Bazaar, the subject of hurtful tabloid rumors naturally came up. 

“Stedman and I lived in the tabloids for so many years, and it was hard on his family members and some of my family members, and I couldn’t imagine if we had children and every other week there’s some story about him leaving me, me getting dumped, or me leaving him,” Winfrey said of her longtime partner, Stedman Graham.

The 64-year-old then asked Roberts how she keeps the negative rumors about her husband Danny Moder and their kids (13-year-old twins Hazel and Finn and their younger brother Henry, 11) at bay. 

The 50-year-old spills: “Sometimes we are in the grocery store and I won’t even know something is out, but we’ll see a tabloid and we’ll all be standing there like, ‘Oh, that’s uncomfortable. This is really uncomfortable.’ It can still hurt my feelings, because I’m so proud of my marriage. We just celebrated being married for 16 years this Fourth of July, and there’s so much happiness wrapped up in what we’ve found together.”

She jokes: “What I like is when they write, ‘the $150 million divorce, and then a week later a different tabloid says, ‘the $275 million divorce.’ I’m like, ‘Well, somebody got a paycheck in the last week. This is getting good.’ ”

Source: Pulse of Radio